How to Play Pebble Beach for Free

Step 1: Pay the greens fee.

Step 2: Tee off and watch the rains roll in on No. 2. On No. 4, strain to hear over the staccato of lashing rain as your caddie explains, shouts, that there are no rain checks– ever — at Pebble Beach, which triggers abject misery and a grim resolve to play on. Continue reading

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That’ll Knock Him Off the Leaderboard

“He’s not gonna get relief. The guys from the USGA just put him on the clock. No stance. No backswing. Johnny, I don’t how he can get this up and down.” To see where this player ended up, go to ABQ Free Press.

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Play Suspended on Account of Darkness

New Mexico Golf News will go dark as its editor becomes consumed by the ABQ Free Press project, which has pushed everything else aside. To the people who have read and contributed to the discussion of golf in New Mexico, thank you. Continue reading

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What ABQ Free Press Will Stand For

The ABQ Free Press will be a fair broker of information involving issues important to the community and will avoid conflicts of interest involving the financial interests of businesses owned by the newspaper’s owners.


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It was Either UFOs or an Alt Weekly

Well, trying to recruit people to a start-up alternative weekly newspaper without telling them exactly what was going on made me sound like some Black Helicopters wack-o. Continue reading

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