Come to the Course with a Game Plan for Each Hole 0

Bob Lowry Come to the Course with a Game Plan

Stick to that Game Plan Throughout the Round

Former Santa Ana Golf club professional Bob Lowry says every golfer should step up to the first tee with their own game plan on how to attack the course.

Players should stick to that hole-by-hole road map, regardless of what their playing partners are doing, Lowry says. Just because they’re big hitters who can reach a Par 5 in two doesn’t mean you should change your planned approach to playing the hole, he says.

“If you’ve decided to use a 3-wood on a certain par 4 and just because things went bad on a previous hole or something, don’t change that game plan,” Lowry says. “Always come to the golf course with a plan on every hole.”

“Know which club you’re going to hit, where you’re going to position it and what to expect for the distance and the kinds of things for your next shot.”

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