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Bob Lowry How to Stop Topping the Ball

A Simple Home Drill Can Be the Fix

How to Stop Topping the Ball is one of the mysteries new golfers struggle to overcome. Former Santa Ana Golf Club professional Bob Lowry explains how to do it.

“A lot of folks top the ball, especially when they first get started,” Lowry says. Sometimes, it’s the head coming up during the downswing. Other times it’s because the player raises up in the backswing.

Like Jack Nicklaus says, the one constant to a good golf swing is a steady head.

To how to practice on how to stop topping the ball, Lowry recommends a drill to try at home – which is to use a broomstick or other cylindrical object and set up facing a wall. Assume the golf address with your head against the wall and the broomstick on your shoulders behind your neck, holding it with your hands extended from your body.

Then rock your shoulders and try to keep your head still against the wall. That will instill muscle memory on how it feels to make a backswing and downswing without raising your head and consequently your body, Lowry says, which is the surest way to learn how to stop topping the ball.

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