New Mexico Golf Gets Major Market Exposure

New Mexico’s top golf courses got significant exposure recently in two of the nation’s largest cities, and the publisher of a leading New England golf magazine and blog is devoting resources to covering golf here and elsewhere in the Southwest. Continue reading

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ShipSticks: An Alternative to Checking Your Golf Clubs

Skip the Ticket Counter

If you’re tired of schlepping golf clubs through airports, rental-car centers and hotel lobbies, help has arrived. Continue reading

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Ryder Cup Putting: It’s the Grain

Take a look at the shadows at Gleneagles in Scotland. The majority of the well-struck putts at the Ryder Cup that miss are missing because they’re breaking toward the sun.

At 56 degrees north — more than halfway to the North Pole from the Equator — the grass is sun-starved this time of year. Notice how the shadows don’t shorten through the day. The sun stays low all day, skirting the southern horizon like a wallflower at the prom. Continue reading

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How to Play Pebble Beach for Free

Step 1: Pay the greens fee.

Step 2: Tee off and watch the rains roll in on No. 2. On No. 4, strain to hear over the staccato of lashing rain as your caddie explains, shouts, that there are no rain checks– ever — at Pebble Beach, which triggers abject misery and a grim resolve to play on. Continue reading

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Volunteers to Keep Sierra Del Rio Golf Course Open

Sierra Del Rio Golf Course in Truth or Consequences, N.M., will open Saturday, run by volunteers, in a bid to keep the golf course operating while the search for a buyer continues. The reopening comes despite a previously announced closure until March. The course has been for sale for two years.

— Dan Vukelich

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