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Precision Impact Swing Aid

‘Precision Impact’ Swing Aid Locks Wrists Into Ideal Position for Consistent Contact

Another Product – eWheels V2 – Can Add Electric Power to Most Brands of Push Carts

It looks like something Arnold Schwarzenegger would wear as a Terminator, but the maker of the Precision Impact swing aid claims the device reprograms your brain to achieve the ideal wrist cock for consistent ball-striking.

“Precision Impact works for every swing – including putting,” says inventor Mike Manley. “Whether hitting driver, pitching or chipping, the club head has to lag behind the hands – creating crisp, flawless contact with the ball. Precision Impact forces that same perfect hand position or every type of shot.

The plastic and elastic strap system resembles something a gladiator would wear to shield their right forearm during close combat. At the top of the backswing, it automatically clicks and locks the wrist in the proper position and maintains the angle through impact, Manley says.

That forced wrist position also promotes lower-body involvement during the swing to keep the club on plane, he says.

Precision Impact costs $99, a 10 percent discount from its list price, for buyers who use the promo code TRY. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The device is currently available only for right-handed golfers but a left-handed version is expected soon.

Add Power to Your Pull or Push Cart

eWheels Push Cart wheels
The eWheels V2 can motorize most brands of push carts

Alphard Golf USA, a Canby, Ore., company, has raised $281,000 on the funding website IndieGoGo for the manufacture of a system that turns any pull or push cart into a remotely controlled power cart.

The company says the 23-pound lithium-ion battery-powered eWheels V2 system can be mounted on most popular pull or push carts, including Clicgear, Bagboy, Sun Mountain, CaddyTek and TourTek carts.

“Turn your push cart into a premium electric remote caddie that follows you even over bumps and hills,” say the developers. The system is a battery that sits atop an motorized axle that connects two wheels that can be fitting on any compatible pull or push cart frame. The battery lasts for 27 holes, Aphard says.

eWheels V2 motor for push carts
The Lithium-ion battery and wheels of the eWheels V2 replace your cart’s wheels and axle.

The system allows a player to use the remote to set the eWheels V2’s speed and direction or use the “magnetic tether” mode to follow the player at a set distance as he or she walks the course.

On Tuesday, with 24 days left in its fundraising campaign, 518 backers pledged $281,000 in a campaign that originally sought only $10,000, according to IndieGogo.

The eWheels V2 appears to be a follow-on project to Alphard’s current eWheels Club Booster push cart conversion kit.

For early backers of the V2, the manufacturer promises to sell the $750 device for $499. First deliveries are expected in April.

Build Your Dream Golf Cart

For years, auto dealers have allowed car buyers to select options on their websites to customize the car they want to buy. Now, a Charleston, S.C., cart company is getting into the act with an online tool called 3D Cart Builder.

3D Cart Builder
Software lets you choose options for your golf cart online.

“When a potential customer builds their custom cart online through the configurator, the software generates a “window sticker” PDF sheet that itemizes all of their selected options and provides an “out-the-door” price. The dealer then receives an email with all of this information so that they are able to follow up with the customer,” says the maker,  Golf Cart Pros LLC.

The software is meant to be installed on cart dealers’ websites. It works on all mobile devices as well as tablets and computers. It is currently set up for Club Car Precedent and EZGO, with more manufacturers to be added soon.

Dan Vukelich, editor of New Mexico Golf News, is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America and the Golf Travel Writers of America. Reach him at dan@newmexicogolfnews.com

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Dan Vukelich, former editor of ABQ Free Press and Sun Country Golf magazine, is editor of NewMexicoGolfNews.com. He's a member of the Golf Writers Association of America and the Golf Travel Writers of America. Reach him at dan@newmexicogolfnews.com

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