Diehl, Galloway Win Indy NM Shootout Titles 0

Piedra Vista Boys Repeat for Boys Team Title

El Paso’s Eastwood HS Takes Girls Team Title

Boys from Piedra Vista High School in Farmington won their second Shootout in the Desert, while Eastwood High School of El Paso won the girls’ team title.

Monday’s event at The Canyon Club in Albuquerque pitted the best hish school golfers in all classifications from across the Sun Country Amateur Golf Association’s region, which includes New Mexico and El Paso County, Texas.

Trey Diehl of Piedra Vista won the boys individual title. Last year, he finished seven shots behind Bowen Davis in the 2018 Shootout in the Desert. Powerhouse Jacque Galloway of Rio Rancho’sCleveland High School repeated her dominating 2018 Shootout in the Desert performance to win a second consecutive girls’ individual title.

J.P. Murietta of the New Mexico Activities Association covered the event and has a video wrapup here.

The top 10 boys will receive a free entry into the 2019 New Mexico-West Texas Amateur Championship later this summer at Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club in June. The top 10 girls will receive a free entry into the 2019 New Mexico-West Texas Women’s Amateur Championship later this summer at Santa Ana Golf Club in July. The free entries are courtesy of the Sun Country Junior Golf Foundation. said Dane Lehner, executive director of SCAGA.

Despite an unfavorable weather forecast, the event was played under sunny skies with light to moderate winds.

Boys Team Shootout in the Desert Results

1. Piedra Vista HS (Farmington, N.M.)  311  +23
2. Eastwood HS (El Paso, Texas)  318  +30
3. La Cueva HS (Albuquerque, N.M.)  324  +36
4. Los Alamos HS (Los Alamos, N.M.)  331  +43
5. Cleveland HS (Rio Rancho, N.M.)  333  +45
6. Academy (Albuquerque, N.M.)  334  +46
7. Ruidoso HS (Ruidoso, N.M.)  348  +60
8. Hope Christian (Albuquerque, N.M.)  359  +71
9.  Rio Rancho HS (Rio Rancho, N.M.)  395  +107

Boys Individual Shootout in the Desert Results

1 Trey Diehl, Piedra Vista 36-35–71 -1
2 Rudy Carbajal, Eastwood High 41-33–74 +2
T3 Lorne Fishburn, Cleveland 37-38–75 +3
T3 Austin Brito, La Cueva 36-39–75 +3
T5 River Smalley, Piedra Vista 41-36–77 +5
T5 Javier Delgadillo, Eastwood High 37-40–77 +5
T7 Max Sonnenberg, Albuquerque Academy 39-39-78 +6
T7 Brooks Eggleston, Ruidoso 38-40–78 +6
T9 Tyler Diehl, Piedra Vista 42-37–79 +7
T9 Jake Butkiewicz, Ruidoso 39-40–79 +7
T9 Jacob Lucero, Hope Christian 39-40–79 +7

Girls Team Shootout in the Desert Results

1. Eastwood HS (El Paso, Texas)  350  +62
2. Cleveland HS (Rio Rancho, N.M.)  353  +65
3. La Cueva HS (Albuquerque, N.M.)  359  +71
4. Hope Christian (Albuquerque, N.M.)  365  +77
5. La Cueva HS (2) (Albuquerque, N.M.)  382  +94
6. Los Alamos HS (Los Alamos, N.M.)  386  +98
7. Piedra Vista HS (Farmington, N.M.)  395  +107
8. St. Pius X (Albuquerque, N.M.)  396  +108
9. Mesilla Valley Christian (Las Cruces, N.M.)  412  +124
10. Rio Rancho HS (Rio Rancho, N.M.)  430  +142
11. Ruidoso HS (Ruidoso, N.M.)  466  +178

Girls Individual Shootut in the Desert Results

1 Jacque Galloway, Cleveland 36-37–73 +1
2 Brooke Sturtevant, Hope Christian 37-39–76 +4
3 Eleanna Carris, La Cueva 41-38–79 +7
4 Amanda Portillo, Eastwood High 41-42–83 +11
5 Jessica Osden, Los Alamos 44-40–84 +12
T6 Shandiin Harper, Piedra Vista 43-42–85 +13
T6 Lexi Gutierrez, Cleveland 42-43–85 +13
8 Alexandra Michelena, Ruidoso 44-42–86 +14
9 Ryley Millican, La Cueva 44-43–87 +15
T10 Andrea Imai, Eastwood High 44-44–88 +16
T10 Avery Sky, Cleveland 43-45–88 +16

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