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We've found a golf training aid that its makers claim will not only dramatically decrease chances of hurting yourself during the golf swing but also add yards to your drives.

MISIG olf training aidDeveloped by of Des Plaines, Ill., the MISIG is a golf shaft with system that uses a sliding grip, an arm strap and an adjustable elastic cord to create tension as you make a proper shoulder turn. The more turn, the more tension.

The MISIG, which stands for the “Most Important Stretch in Golf,” “activates and strengthens critical muscles used in a golf swing,” according to its makers.

The device comes with three durable elastic cords of varying lengths. As you turn and move the sliding handle, you create tension in the elastic cord. As the length of the cord shortens, the resistance increases, which in turn builds muscle strength and muscle memory, its makers say. It dramatically increases degrees of back swing and range of motion, promotes a better swing plane and leads to longer and stronger golf shots, they say.

Man using MISIG golf training aidJeff Crittenden, 2017 Volvik World Long Drive Champion, Masters Division, endorse the MISIG: “I am constantly working on creating a bigger turn to increase distance. The MISIG is giving me more mobility which will lead to a bigger shoulder turn and more speed at impact. In Long Drive, every mile per hour gained is huge.”

Bernie Fay, the man behind, MISIG, explained how it came about.

“When I was 12 years I had a compound spiral dislocation of the humerus in the left arm (the bone from the shoulder to the elbow broke in half). Today it is arthritic,” he said. “This is how I came to invent the ‘Most Important Stretch In Golf.' I was in my garage doing various stretches for my shoulder and nothing was giving me back my range of motion.

“I saw a bungee cord on the work bench. I tied the bungee cord just above my left elbow in a knot. By pulling up and away with the bungee cord I felt a nice stretch in my bothersome shoulder…..” Eventually, he refined and patented the device.

“Using the MISIG as a swing trainer came when I started to show it to golf instructors. They all had one common thought; “This is the back swing motion I try to teach my students every day. Elbow Locked Through extension, wrist hinged properly and very effective shoulder turn,” he said.

The MISIG sells for $99 or buy two for $120 and save. For more, visit

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